Florida Project: On The Margins
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Rylan Blair

I really enjoyed the two movies I got to watch out of the group and had seen one of them in Zodiac, but when I much younger so Im glad I got to watch it and understand, I definitely enjoyed it the most. I found Leave No Trace to be the best representation of "On the Margins", the main character Will really exemplified what it means to be on the boundaries of society and isolated in his own world almost while living alone.

Austin W Woodall

I had already seen Zodiak but it was a great second watch. I probably enjoyed Zodiak the most and leave no trace the least. For on the margins I thought The Florida Project was a really great film. It showed a parent and her child who had been placed in this marginalized zone by the mothers own action. i really did enjoy all three films.

Tyler Durbin

I had seen Zodiac a couple times before but I don’t mind another watch. I enjoyed Zodiac the best probably, more action. The the film I least enjoyed was The Florida Project. I think Zodiac is the most interesting film in terms of critical analysis.


I personally have not seen any of these movies but I have heard about the zodiac, I actually tried watching it one time but got bored at the start. I enjoyed both the zodiac and the Florida project the most. I thought the most interesting was the Florida Project when looking at marginalization.

Sadee McClendon

I had not seen any of the films before we viewed them in class and I enjoyed all of them but the film I enjoyed the most was Zodiac. My least favorite of the films was The Florida Project because it just wasn’t a genre I enjoyed very much. I thought that Leave No Trace was the most interesting in terms of critical analysis because of the forest as a setting and the theme of chosen marginalization.

mak york

I liked two of these three films. I enjoyed Zodiac the most because it was very entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. The Florida Project was the other one I liked. Not as much as Zodiac, but it was definitely an interesting film that captured my interest for most of the film. Leave No Trace was a movie that I definitely didn't like, probably the movie I most disliked for this term. It wasn't very interesting, it didn't hold my attention for the whole movie probably because other than a few parts in the film, it was basically the same thing throughout the entire thing. I haven't seen any of these movies, but I would 100% recommend Zodiac and The Florida Project to friends.

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